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  Dr. Farid Fata 
Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients
A Personal Story of Family Loss

This is very a personal story for me particularly so close Della Mina Hodges birthday and upon which I have shared before

It's a shame and complete injustice that more medical doctors are not taken to task, given prison sentences, or made to pay dearly monetarily for their greed in placing profits over people.

In the case of Della Mina Hodges, it was only weeks after returning home from celebrating our wedding anniversary in October 2013, and subsequent to her receiving a clean bill of health that Mina was cancer free, that this wonder woman suddenly and unexpectedly died as a result of her cancer treatments.

Dr. Jay Courtright
Dr. Jay Courtwright of Texas Oncology feed my wife a bunch nonsense and poison into her body while creating fear over a minor stomach problem that was blown out of reality into being some type of aggressive cancer the needed treatment right away in placing profits over people.

Knowing that many cancer doctors work like many surgeons, that only make money when applying their craft to milk insurance companies paid only when treating people in their misplaced greed that places profits over people. I expressed concerns to my wife and Dr. Jay Courtwright that favored waiting for more definitive and clear case could be made to treat.

Instead of waiting to see if in fact Della Mina Hodges stomach issue would actually grow into a full blown cancer event this was not to be the case. I pleaded with my wife to wait on any treatments to see if the issue would grow, but these crook doctor(s) played on her fears to act right away in fear winning out over reason.

I shared with my wife that much like doctors that treat male prostate issues (of which I do not have), more often than, doctors will sell men a bill of goods into having aggressive treatments in such that the cure the often worst then the prostate disease itself.

Over the course of Mina’s treatment, at least three times Della Mina Hodges ended up in the ER seeking medical treatments due to her cancer treatments. More than once did Dr. Jay Courtwright of Texas Oncology and I have a few difficult words.

Dr. Jay Courtright
This was particularly true when this jerk attempted to chastise me for getting a hospital bed for wife after Dr. Jay Courtwright or his office failed to return several calls over an eight hour period to his after hour service. 
Nor did his standby doctor attempt to return any calls made by me to Dr. Jay Courtwright Texas Oncology office regarding my wife’s medical emergency. Later, spoke with this man to explain to Courtwright in no uncertain terms that Mina is my wife in whom I love very much expressing concern over his care of my wife.

Finally, my wife asked if I would back off the disputes with Dr. Jay Courtwright with Texas Oncology for which I did out of love and respect for my wife....until Della Mina Hodges suddenly and unexpectedly died of complication to resulting from her cancer treatments.

I filed complaints with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) against several doctors and their jolly ring of profiteers all that work together in collusion to milk insurance companies for at times very unnecessary treatments.

This was a waste of time and a joke of a process much like asking the fox guarding the hen house to stop eating the hens. In this field like many others particularly in Texas, they protect the ones that cause harm to innocent and unsuspecting patients in favor of their rich doctor friends.

Lawyers refused to take the case because unlike some states where medical liability limits are higher, in Texas they are capped at $250K, not inciting enough for Texas lawyers in medical malpractice lawsuits.

So if it sounds like I am hurt and angry at doctors like Farid Fata and Jay Courtwright, that's because I  am, and hope they all rot in hell for eternity ...for this I make no apology.

Dr. Ronald Hodges
Published July 11, 2015

  Dr. Farid Fata 
Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients
A Personal Story of Family Loss 

In the wake of Dr. Farid Fata the Michigan cancer doctor that recently pleaded guilty to fraud for giving unnecessary cancer treatments to patients, the following is a personal story of loss of a family member due my wife to cancer treatments.

While the story of Dr. Fata story is very sad, unfortunately events of this nature happen more often then not that don't always make the public airwaves when money greedy medical doctors place profits over the lives of their patients and violate the first oath of medicine... Do No Harm.

Such was the case with my wife and best friend Della Mina Hodges who died at the young age of 50.  Della Mina Hodges was a loving and sweet wife, mother, grandmother, sister, minister, and friend to many who unfortunately was the victim of Texas cancer medical doctors that lead to her unexpected, untimely, and unnecessary death.

Dr. Jay Courtright
While under the care of Dr. Jay Courtright, a Dallas,Texas based Oncologist with Texas Oncology, my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014.  

This was just weeks after being informed by medical professionals that she was cancer free after undergoing high questionable potentially unnecessary cancer treatments over a year period that apparently eventually killed her.

The first two treatment administered by Dr. Courthright landed my wife in the Medical City Dallas Hospital ER and hospital stays twice. This was subsequently followed the admission of  Dr. Courthright that  he "almost killed" my wife resulting from his medical care. 

Well what was not successfully accomplished the first time was done so later when my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014, resulting from the effects cancer treatments.

Before her death, I pleaded, argued and several times had very difficult discussions with Dr. Courthright one of which occurred after I could not reach him or his on-call colleague regarding my wife second ER admission resulting from his cancer treatments of my wife.  

I shared with Dr. Courthright that I love my wife very much and I wanted to keep her alive.  That the cancer fear being used with my wife on highly questionable cancer treatments for a non-life-threatening non-urgent potential low grade B-cell lymphoma was unnecessary treatment of my wife.  Expressed my concerns over the life threatening side effects of such treatments and what appeared to motives to treat my wife because of the great insurance coverage we maintained. 

All this to no avail as fear of cancer and medical profession collusion was deployed to extract large amounts insurance money involving the potential presence of cancer that was never really confirmed without question as being present in my wife's body. That resulted in my wife's unexpected and untimely death in the usual placing profits over people when it come to cancer treatments by unscrupulous medical doctor like Dr. Fata and others.

TMB Complaint Filed
Unlike in the case of Dr. Fata where a brave medical professional colleague Dr. Soe Maunglay  blew the whistle on Dr. Fata, Texas plays by its own set rules to protect doctors and not patient lives.   

Nevertheless, a complaint was filed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) which after a six-month investigation returned a finding of "insufficient evidence" to bring a charge of medical misconduct.

Not much of a surprise here with the TMB and what had become expected in Texas which is against most tort legal actions for misbehaving medical doctors. 

So I do directly understand the pain, heartbreak, loss of family, and the anger that comes from cancer doctors who take advantage of their patients when placing profits and greed over the lives of their patients resulting devastating consequences to family members and friends left behind.

TMB Follow-Up
I don't forgive Dr. Courthright or the other medical professional in their merry circle of the cancer treatment machine that robs families of their love ones in state like  a Texas.  

A state that places the ability of medical doctors to profit over the well-being and welfare of their residents subject to medical care in the Texas.

Elected officials beholden to large insurance companies, special interest groups and others that desire to increase insurance rates of all types, but limit the money damages and consequences of the misbehaving badly costing the lives of others. 

A Texas state legislature had done more to gut any one family's recovery beyond $250K for the loss of human life due to medical personnel's greed in placing profits over people.  Not fully realizing that its their families are risk too when Texas medical professionals run wild chasing profits over solid medical care for patients.

I know how the family members feel that loss loved ones in the Dr. Fata in the Michigan case from the experience in the medical doctor(s) that treated my wife Della Mina Hodges, and others in similar circumstances to those that have suffered the such reckless unnecessary loss of loved ones.

These actors will have a hearty return for their greed in an eternity of torment for lives loss in their patients and the disappointment of their families in the violation of trust in the medical professional sworn to... do not harm.

For this there is no forgiveness only consequence of eternal damnation for their greed in placing profit over patients!

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

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