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Bathroom Bill Integrity

Lessons In Integrity From North Carolina
'Bathroom Bills' Planned In Eight States 2017

North Carolina

In March 2016, Patrick McCrory North Carolina's governor signed into law House Bill 2 (HB2)  blocking cities from allowing transgender individuals to use public bathrooms based upon the sex of their choice rather than their sex identified at birth. 

HB2 known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex and restricts cities from passing nondiscrimination laws related transgender elective bathroom choice.

North Carolina's governor in signing HB2 into law last year said the ..."Ordinance defied common sense, allowing men to use women's bathroom/locker rooms... that's why I signed bipartisan bill to stop it." Recent attempts to repeal HB2 have failed and appears to have motivated moves in other states to enact similar laws.

In what has become standard operating procedure for the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, the gay choice lifestyle influenced media, and pro-gay choice lifestyle supporters in what was no big surprise lunched into destroy the opposition mode.

The LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, Hollywood, pro-LGBT gay choice lifestyle, the liberal media, pro-LGBT gay choice businesses, and organizations came out in force against Patrick McCrory and North Carolina in general with the usual chorus of name calling, character assassinations, and treats of retaliation for the enactment of HB2.
The Lack of Expected Rebuff
Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act
While there has been some negative impact subsequent to the enactment of Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (HB2) in North Carolina, the negative impact have been generally limited in reality.

Indeed there has been the usual LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, Hollywood, the general media, pro-LGBT gay choice lifestyle businesses and organizations, that have made a "choice" to move events, relocate planned business operations or otherwise show the normal expected maelstrom of false cries of discrimination, intolerance and lack of inclusion.
Hypocrisy & Duplicity of Inclusion

The term "inclusion" has been one of many words used by the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community along with its supporters to instill a sense of unfairness against LGBT gay choice lifestyles.

Words like equal rights, nondiscrimination, tolerance, diversity of opinion, inclusion of differing views and other commonly used word normally espoused from LGBT gay choice lifestyle community are abundant when use to support the case for their gay choice lifestyles.  However, not some common is use, intent, purpose and meaning with it comes to the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community's applicability of such words to any person, group or business that speak out for traditional marriage or in opposition to LGBT gay choice lifestyles.  In a word hypocrisy!

LGBT Gay Choice Lifestyles Antics
The hypocrisy and duplicity of the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community and the general media hype agenda is to engage in the usual name calling by the use of such words as "homophobic" which is  bit odd in itself...fear of homosexuals?

People generally do not a have fear or phobia of those individuals involved in LGBT gay choice lifestyles of homophobic.

Rather the word homophobic is a "code" word like many codes words deployed by the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community machine and amplified by the pro-gay choice lifestyle media to malign and discredit anyone who speak outs against LGBT gay choice lifestyles to feel unjustified shame for speaking out.

Words like tolerance, nondiscrimination, diversity, inclusion, bigotry, hate speech, and other code words have embodied the lexicon of retorts that come from the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, the generally pro-gay choice lifestyle media, pro-gay choice lifestyle business and sports communities. 

The use of such words by LGBT gay choice lifestyle supporters and the heavily influenced gay choice media attempts to bring public shame to any opposition involving LGBT gay choice lifestyles.

These tactics represents the epitome of hypocrisy and duplicity from a choice lifestyle group that is very non tolerant to any other expressed viewpoint that does not correspond to their own. Pure unmitigated, unadulterated, and unjustified hypocrisy and duplicity to anything or anyone unwilling to acquiesce to their will!  ...... Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

Changing Tides
Texas Stands
Fast forward to 2017, with the bold and continued stand of the North Carolina legislature and the recent populous election of  President-elect Donald Trump. The tides of change are on the move in American back to "we the people" and away from elite media and cramp down politics.

It appears the many heretofore silent or those who feared the backlash from the onslaught of the intentionally hyped media and LGBT gay choice lifestyles community have finally overcome such fears in both public and private areas willing to take a stand against the pervading influences of the White House to the media.

The state of Texas is among seven other states in addition to North Carolina that have introduced or pre-filed bills restricting access to facilities for their 2017 legislative sessions according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. These states are Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Minnesota in what could be the beginning of push back against the LGBT gay choice lifestyle agenda and overcoming the public shaming from the highly influenced gay choice media.

Pro LGBT Gay Choice Businesses

With the growing of states on tap to introduce and pass so called "bathroom bills" that require individuals to use public bathrooms based upon their sex identified at birth and not of their lifestyle choice. Where will the NBA, NCAA, Pay Pal and Targets of the business and sports worlds go when these states pass bathroom bills similar to North Carolina?  The map is getting smaller.

Maybe its an acceptable business practice for these and similar companies that have indicated they will moved their business operations from North Carolina and Texas to lose money, customers and business support from such myopic and despicable business moves, not speak of the associated costs of such relocation at stockholder expense for the bad decisions of few gay choice executives.

Perhaps when these politically motivated companies and organizations totally move their business operations exclusively to east and west coasts and suffer the losses experienced in recent USA presidential election, these smart folks will get the message of "we the people" and business customers also have a say in these public companies or in heavily tax-subsided sport organizations.

The Consumer Push Back

There is awaking in this country regarding the cram down politics of the current way-ward President who's evolutionary politically motivated personal choices were forced upon an American public that did not like his LGBT gay choice lifestyles flip-flops in what has been business as usual  in the last eight years that lead to shift power from metro sexual politics and a lack of insight of the voting public.

It's time to move forward and move on from cram down imposed laws of five want to be gods on the US Supreme Court with a new Justice and a new President that does not discounts the value of "we the people" buy cramming down their personal choices upon the people of America.

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

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