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LGBT Researchers Confirm Nobody Is Born Gay

LGBT Born This Way Myth Debunk By Their Own

The LGBT gay homosexual choice lifestyles community and their supporters have used all types of strategies and tactics to justify their involvement in one or more of the LGBT gay choice lifestyles. 

The most popular and progressive prevalent unfounded argument that is normally put forth by the LGBT gay choice community and their supporters is they are helpless to overcome their DNA in a failed attempt to argument that they "were born this way".  

Well to the dismay of many in the LGBT gay homosexual gay choice lifestyles community and their supporters, several of their own LGBT types have come out to say what many have already known and long accepted as fact that "nobody is born gay." 

A surprising number of groups namely scholars of gay history and anthropology most all themselves LGBT's have decisively shown that gayness is a product of Western society originating as social-cultural device not a biological creation.  

 Chastity Sun Bono
In a recent published comments historian Dr. Martin Duberman, founder of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, said “no good scientific work establishes that people are born gay or straight.”  But we do know generally the people are born male or female at birth and tend to follow this birth orientation.

His comments were joined by cultural anthropologist Dr. Esther Newton (University of Michigan) who called one gay study linking sexual orientation to biological traits ludicrous saying: “Any anthropologist who has looked cross-culturally (knows) it’s impossible that that’s true, because sexuality is structured in such different ways in different cultures.”  Take the case of Chastity Sun Bono a/k/a Chaz Salvatore Bono born a women and later assumed the role of transgender male as great example of gay choice from their God given birth orientation.

This is what makes gay adoption so essential to the overall gay agenda strategy to inculcate infant and  young minds under their gay care, control and indoctrination to believe and accept that it's all God's plan to have two dads and two moms as being normal in society and God's plan, and its everybody else that has it just plain wrong.

In fact, Dr. Newton noted in an essay that her field has “no essentialist position on sexuality, no notion that people are born with sexual orientations. The evidence, fragmentary as it is, all points the other way.” Thus, Dr. Newton wrote, “Western lesbian and gay anthropologists, for the most part, have not run around the world looking for other lesbians and gay men.”

Given what is at stake at the Supreme Court for the LGBT gay homosexual gay choice lifestyles community and their supporters, most LBGT's are dismissive and outwardly hostile toward anyone who doesn’t think being gay is an essential natural characteristic of the human race (LGBT) as being mystically etched in their DNA that had alluded all creditable scientific work and research.

Using research methods that can be tested, scientists have examined the body of evidence regarding homosexuality in other times and cultures to see how the gay minority fared only to come up empty in their effort and any support whatsoever of a valid biological (birth) connection.

Young LGBT's In Training
According to their published results, while biology certainly plays a role in sexual behavior [the choice people make], no “gay gene” has been found, and whatever natural-science data exists for inborn sexual orientations is disputed. So to date, the totality of the scholarly research on homosexuality indicates gayness is much more sociocultural than biological.

Gay history professor Dr. John D’Emilio (University of Illinois-Chicago) accepts the “core assumptions” of the social-construction idea, “the essentialist notion that gays constitute a distinct minority of people. LGBT anthropologists have also found no gay minorities in their studies of cultures around the world.  While many many dispute this comment on its face, the point appears to be that the only gay minority that exist is the one man and culture create by choice and birth.

While the compelling body of evidence affirms that nobody’s born gay this does not mean that people don’t have sexual orientations today based upon their personal choice.  This means sexual orientations are specific to our culture and not in our basic human nature.

For interesting reading on this topic:   Many thanks to David Benkof the author of this interesting piece in the Daliy Caller. 

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

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