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  Dr. Farid Fata 
Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients
A Personal Story of Family Loss

This is very a personal story for me particularly so close Della Mina Hodges birthday and upon which I have shared before

It's a shame and complete injustice that more medical doctors are not taken to task, given prison sentences, or made to pay dearly monetarily for their greed in placing profits over people.

In the case of Della Mina Hodges, it was only weeks after returning home from celebrating our wedding anniversary in October 2013, and subsequent to her receiving a clean bill of health that Mina was cancer free, that this wonder woman suddenly and unexpectedly died as a result of her cancer treatments.

Dr. Jay Courtright
Dr. Jay Courtwright of Texas Oncology feed my wife a bunch nonsense and poison into her body while creating fear over a minor stomach problem that was blown out of reality into being some type of aggressive cancer the needed treatment right away in placing profits over people.

Knowing that many cancer doctors work like many surgeons, that only make money when applying their craft to milk insurance companies paid only when treating people in their misplaced greed that places profits over people. I expressed concerns to my wife and Dr. Jay Courtwright that favored waiting for more definitive and clear case could be made to treat.

Instead of waiting to see if in fact Della Mina Hodges stomach issue would actually grow into a full blown cancer event this was not to be the case. I pleaded with my wife to wait on any treatments to see if the issue would grow, but these crook doctor(s) played on her fears to act right away in fear winning out over reason.

I shared with my wife that much like doctors that treat male prostate issues (of which I do not have), more often than, doctors will sell men a bill of goods into having aggressive treatments in such that the cure the often worst then the prostate disease itself.

Over the course of Mina’s treatment, at least three times Della Mina Hodges ended up in the ER seeking medical treatments due to her cancer treatments. More than once did Dr. Jay Courtwright of Texas Oncology and I have a few difficult words.

Dr. Jay Courtright
This was particularly true when this jerk attempted to chastise me for getting a hospital bed for wife after Dr. Jay Courtwright or his office failed to return several calls over an eight hour period to his after hour service. 
Nor did his standby doctor attempt to return any calls made by me to Dr. Jay Courtwright Texas Oncology office regarding my wife’s medical emergency. Later, spoke with this man to explain to Courtwright in no uncertain terms that Mina is my wife in whom I love very much expressing concern over his care of my wife.

Finally, my wife asked if I would back off the disputes with Dr. Jay Courtwright with Texas Oncology for which I did out of love and respect for my wife....until Della Mina Hodges suddenly and unexpectedly died of complication to resulting from her cancer treatments.

I filed complaints with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) against several doctors and their jolly ring of profiteers all that work together in collusion to milk insurance companies for at times very unnecessary treatments.

This was a waste of time and a joke of a process much like asking the fox guarding the hen house to stop eating the hens. In this field like many others particularly in Texas, they protect the ones that cause harm to innocent and unsuspecting patients in favor of their rich doctor friends.

Lawyers refused to take the case because unlike some states where medical liability limits are higher, in Texas they are capped at $250K, not inciting enough for Texas lawyers in medical malpractice lawsuits.

So if it sounds like I am hurt and angry at doctors like Farid Fata and Jay Courtwright, that's because I  am, and hope they all rot in hell for eternity ...for this I make no apology.

Dr. Ronald Hodges
Published July 11, 2015

  Dr. Farid Fata 
Cancer Doctors Placing Profits Over Patients
A Personal Story of Family Loss 

In the wake of Dr. Farid Fata the Michigan cancer doctor that recently pleaded guilty to fraud for giving unnecessary cancer treatments to patients, the following is a personal story of loss of a family member due my wife to cancer treatments.

While the story of Dr. Fata story is very sad, unfortunately events of this nature happen more often then not that don't always make the public airwaves when money greedy medical doctors place profits over the lives of their patients and violate the first oath of medicine... Do No Harm.

Such was the case with my wife and best friend Della Mina Hodges who died at the young age of 50.  Della Mina Hodges was a loving and sweet wife, mother, grandmother, sister, minister, and friend to many who unfortunately was the victim of Texas cancer medical doctors that lead to her unexpected, untimely, and unnecessary death.

Dr. Jay Courtright
While under the care of Dr. Jay Courtright, a Dallas,Texas based Oncologist with Texas Oncology, my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014.  

This was just weeks after being informed by medical professionals that she was cancer free after undergoing high questionable potentially unnecessary cancer treatments over a year period that apparently eventually killed her.

The first two treatment administered by Dr. Courthright landed my wife in the Medical City Dallas Hospital ER and hospital stays twice. This was subsequently followed the admission of  Dr. Courthright that  he "almost killed" my wife resulting from his medical care. 

Well what was not successfully accomplished the first time was done so later when my wife Della Mina Hodges unexpectedly and suddenly died on October 13, 2014, resulting from the effects cancer treatments.

Before her death, I pleaded, argued and several times had very difficult discussions with Dr. Courthright one of which occurred after I could not reach him or his on-call colleague regarding my wife second ER admission resulting from his cancer treatments of my wife.  

I shared with Dr. Courthright that I love my wife very much and I wanted to keep her alive.  That the cancer fear being used with my wife on highly questionable cancer treatments for a non-life-threatening non-urgent potential low grade B-cell lymphoma was unnecessary treatment of my wife.  Expressed my concerns over the life threatening side effects of such treatments and what appeared to motives to treat my wife because of the great insurance coverage we maintained. 

All this to no avail as fear of cancer and medical profession collusion was deployed to extract large amounts insurance money involving the potential presence of cancer that was never really confirmed without question as being present in my wife's body. That resulted in my wife's unexpected and untimely death in the usual placing profits over people when it come to cancer treatments by unscrupulous medical doctor like Dr. Fata and others.

TMB Complaint Filed
Unlike in the case of Dr. Fata where a brave medical professional colleague Dr. Soe Maunglay  blew the whistle on Dr. Fata, Texas plays by its own set rules to protect doctors and not patient lives.   

Nevertheless, a complaint was filed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) which after a six-month investigation returned a finding of "insufficient evidence" to bring a charge of medical misconduct.

Not much of a surprise here with the TMB and what had become expected in Texas which is against most tort legal actions for misbehaving medical doctors. 

So I do directly understand the pain, heartbreak, loss of family, and the anger that comes from cancer doctors who take advantage of their patients when placing profits and greed over the lives of their patients resulting devastating consequences to family members and friends left behind.

TMB Follow-Up
I don't forgive Dr. Courthright or the other medical professional in their merry circle of the cancer treatment machine that robs families of their love ones in state like  a Texas.  

A state that places the ability of medical doctors to profit over the well-being and welfare of their residents subject to medical care in the Texas.

Elected officials beholden to large insurance companies, special interest groups and others that desire to increase insurance rates of all types, but limit the money damages and consequences of the misbehaving badly costing the lives of others. 

A Texas state legislature had done more to gut any one family's recovery beyond $250K for the loss of human life due to medical personnel's greed in placing profits over people.  Not fully realizing that its their families are risk too when Texas medical professionals run wild chasing profits over solid medical care for patients.

I know how the family members feel that loss loved ones in the Dr. Fata in the Michigan case from the experience in the medical doctor(s) that treated my wife Della Mina Hodges, and others in similar circumstances to those that have suffered the such reckless unnecessary loss of loved ones.

These actors will have a hearty return for their greed in an eternity of torment for lives loss in their patients and the disappointment of their families in the violation of trust in the medical professional sworn to... do not harm.

For this there is no forgiveness only consequence of eternal damnation for their greed in placing profit over patients!

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Wrongs No Right

Congressman John Lewis
The Legitimate President Case Lacking
Two Wrongs Don't Make One Right

History Repeats Itself 

The nation and world was a buzz in 2008 when America elected Barack Obama as its first African-American president to joy of many, but not all.

During and after the election a brooding segment of America that was unhappy with an African-American heading to White House as President of the United States, began to question every aspect of Obama's life and heritage. One of the most active and vocal people in these unseemly activities was now president-elect Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was a vocal mouth piece for what came to be known as the "Birther Movement". A hotbed of conspiracy theorists falsely asserting that President Obama was not a natural-born citizen of the United States and that Obama's birth certificate was a forgery.

Fast Forward To 2017  

In 2016 the nation and world was once again a buzz when America elected Donald Trump as president-elect in an embarrassing defeat to Hillary Clinton and her supporters who as widely and generally expected to have a cake walk to the White House.

However, a presidential victory was not to be had for Clinton.  Once again a brooding segment of America unhappy with Donald Trump as the president-elect set into motion various actions against Trump and the election results in which Clinton failed to achieve a win.

Unable To Face Reality

Weeks after the American people chose Donald Trump in the normal course of elections in the United States defeating Hillary Clinton, many are still unable to come to grips with Clinton's defeat. So this wounded, hurt, dejected, and still unbelieving brooding segment of America disappointed at Clinton's loss and unhappy with the election of Donald Trump.  Essentially began to engaged in tactics similar to what President Obama experienced in his initial election as the first African-American president.

The Blame Game

Conspiracy theorists abound from this brooding segment of American unhappy that Hillary Clinton loss the election. The blame game encompasses a range of people and reasons why Clinton lost the election in attempts to console broken hearts placing blaming ranging from the FBI Director to alleged interference by Russia in Clinton's loss to Trump. 

As was the case with Republicans that spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours investigating the 2012 attacks on US facilities in Benghazi and Clinton's use of private email servers.  The America public is set to once again eat millions of dollars and invest hundreds of hours at tax payer's expense to investigate alleged foreign involvement to help the brooding feel better about the fact that Clinton failed to excite the American people in way the would have resulted a win for her.

Congress Without A Compass

The once highly respected U.S. Congress has lost its luster over the years with their collective inability to put aside partisan politics and work to improve America for all the people. It appears the once respected body that once epitomized the bastion of eloquent decorum has been reduced to locker room banter coming from our elected officials. Take for example Obama's 2009 State of the Union address to the joint session of Congress when Rep. Joe Wilson interrupted the president shouting“You lie!”

Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis a well respected African-American who has seen his shares of battles in the civil rights area recently stated that he doesn't believe Donald Trump is a legitimate President in a recent interview on NBC News "Meet The Press With Chuck Todd."

According to published reports Congressman Lewis said..."I believe in trying to work with people. It will be hard. It's going to be very difficult. I don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president," Lewis said when asked if he would "forge a relationship" with the president-elect.

Congressmen Lewis further indicated that he would not attend Donald Trumps inauguration stating ..."I don't plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I've been in Congress," Lewis said.

Sour Grapes

The comments of Congressman John Lewis a civil rights icon are not only a bit odd given his storied history in the civil rights movement, but also an display of lack of statesmanship from a elder political leader. It's hard to understand why Congressman Lewis would rather let Ben Carson or Omarosa Manigault have Trump's ear then a hero like Congressman Lewis from the civil rights era. 

These sour grapes, bemoaning and brooding folks have also generally affected African-Americans in Hollywood like Jennifer Holiday who just recently backed out a scheduled performance at the Trump Inauguration succumbing to the pressures of Hollywood and liberal social groups in protests against president-elect Trump.

Reason For Clinton's Loss

The reason for Clinton's loss was not Benghazi, private email servers or Bill Clinton albeit contributing factors. Clinton loss because America grew tied of the cram down politics, policies and talk down speeches over the last eight years that forgot about "we the people" in favor of the Hollywood elite, liberal media, and special interests social groups that influenced the White House.

Furthermore, it will be a while before a Democrat occupies the White House again or Democrats regains power in Congress because the message has yet to resonate with the Democrats that "we the people" are tired of status quo of the last eight years of liberal social agendas creating policy in America against the will of we the people.

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bathroom Bill Integrity

Lessons In Integrity From North Carolina
'Bathroom Bills' Planned In Eight States 2017

North Carolina

In March 2016, Patrick McCrory North Carolina's governor signed into law House Bill 2 (HB2)  blocking cities from allowing transgender individuals to use public bathrooms based upon the sex of their choice rather than their sex identified at birth. 

HB2 known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex and restricts cities from passing nondiscrimination laws related transgender elective bathroom choice.

North Carolina's governor in signing HB2 into law last year said the ..."Ordinance defied common sense, allowing men to use women's bathroom/locker rooms... that's why I signed bipartisan bill to stop it." Recent attempts to repeal HB2 have failed and appears to have motivated moves in other states to enact similar laws.

In what has become standard operating procedure for the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, the gay choice lifestyle influenced media, and pro-gay choice lifestyle supporters in what was no big surprise lunched into destroy the opposition mode.

The LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, Hollywood, pro-LGBT gay choice lifestyle, the liberal media, pro-LGBT gay choice businesses, and organizations came out in force against Patrick McCrory and North Carolina in general with the usual chorus of name calling, character assassinations, and treats of retaliation for the enactment of HB2.
The Lack of Expected Rebuff
Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act
While there has been some negative impact subsequent to the enactment of Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (HB2) in North Carolina, the negative impact have been generally limited in reality.

Indeed there has been the usual LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, Hollywood, the general media, pro-LGBT gay choice lifestyle businesses and organizations, that have made a "choice" to move events, relocate planned business operations or otherwise show the normal expected maelstrom of false cries of discrimination, intolerance and lack of inclusion.
Hypocrisy & Duplicity of Inclusion

The term "inclusion" has been one of many words used by the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community along with its supporters to instill a sense of unfairness against LGBT gay choice lifestyles.

Words like equal rights, nondiscrimination, tolerance, diversity of opinion, inclusion of differing views and other commonly used word normally espoused from LGBT gay choice lifestyle community are abundant when use to support the case for their gay choice lifestyles.  However, not some common is use, intent, purpose and meaning with it comes to the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community's applicability of such words to any person, group or business that speak out for traditional marriage or in opposition to LGBT gay choice lifestyles.  In a word hypocrisy!

LGBT Gay Choice Lifestyles Antics
The hypocrisy and duplicity of the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community and the general media hype agenda is to engage in the usual name calling by the use of such words as "homophobic" which is  bit odd in itself...fear of homosexuals?

People generally do not a have fear or phobia of those individuals involved in LGBT gay choice lifestyles of homophobic.

Rather the word homophobic is a "code" word like many codes words deployed by the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community machine and amplified by the pro-gay choice lifestyle media to malign and discredit anyone who speak outs against LGBT gay choice lifestyles to feel unjustified shame for speaking out.

Words like tolerance, nondiscrimination, diversity, inclusion, bigotry, hate speech, and other code words have embodied the lexicon of retorts that come from the LGBT gay choice lifestyle community, the generally pro-gay choice lifestyle media, pro-gay choice lifestyle business and sports communities. 

The use of such words by LGBT gay choice lifestyle supporters and the heavily influenced gay choice media attempts to bring public shame to any opposition involving LGBT gay choice lifestyles.

These tactics represents the epitome of hypocrisy and duplicity from a choice lifestyle group that is very non tolerant to any other expressed viewpoint that does not correspond to their own. Pure unmitigated, unadulterated, and unjustified hypocrisy and duplicity to anything or anyone unwilling to acquiesce to their will!  ...... Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

Changing Tides
Texas Stands
Fast forward to 2017, with the bold and continued stand of the North Carolina legislature and the recent populous election of  President-elect Donald Trump. The tides of change are on the move in American back to "we the people" and away from elite media and cramp down politics.

It appears the many heretofore silent or those who feared the backlash from the onslaught of the intentionally hyped media and LGBT gay choice lifestyles community have finally overcome such fears in both public and private areas willing to take a stand against the pervading influences of the White House to the media.

The state of Texas is among seven other states in addition to North Carolina that have introduced or pre-filed bills restricting access to facilities for their 2017 legislative sessions according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. These states are Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Minnesota in what could be the beginning of push back against the LGBT gay choice lifestyle agenda and overcoming the public shaming from the highly influenced gay choice media.

Pro LGBT Gay Choice Businesses

With the growing of states on tap to introduce and pass so called "bathroom bills" that require individuals to use public bathrooms based upon their sex identified at birth and not of their lifestyle choice. Where will the NBA, NCAA, Pay Pal and Targets of the business and sports worlds go when these states pass bathroom bills similar to North Carolina?  The map is getting smaller.

Maybe its an acceptable business practice for these and similar companies that have indicated they will moved their business operations from North Carolina and Texas to lose money, customers and business support from such myopic and despicable business moves, not speak of the associated costs of such relocation at stockholder expense for the bad decisions of few gay choice executives.

Perhaps when these politically motivated companies and organizations totally move their business operations exclusively to east and west coasts and suffer the losses experienced in recent USA presidential election, these smart folks will get the message of "we the people" and business customers also have a say in these public companies or in heavily tax-subsided sport organizations.

The Consumer Push Back

There is awaking in this country regarding the cram down politics of the current way-ward President who's evolutionary politically motivated personal choices were forced upon an American public that did not like his LGBT gay choice lifestyles flip-flops in what has been business as usual  in the last eight years that lead to shift power from metro sexual politics and a lack of insight of the voting public.

It's time to move forward and move on from cram down imposed laws of five want to be gods on the US Supreme Court with a new Justice and a new President that does not discounts the value of "we the people" buy cramming down their personal choices upon the people of America.

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Real Story of Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield)

 Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield)

This is regarding Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield), a former teacher at Center High School in Antelope, CA, who arrested on 11/19/16 in Oakland, CA on suspicion of killing three people.

The following provides factual information to allay false and incorrect media reports from various media outlets that Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield), was fired for undergoing a gender change from man to woman while employed as teacher at Center High School in Antelope, CA.

I was the Governing Board Trustee for the Center Unified School District that cast the deciding vote to suspend Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield).

This action was taken after several parents complained that Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) had inappropriate contact with several students while on school property which included student confinement involving the actions of this teacher.

As Governing Board of Trustee member during this period, I am able to provide accurate first-hand knowledge of events surrounding Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) suspension from his duties as a high school teacher. 

Let this be clear, the suspension Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) was not for his gender transformation from a man to woman as the media vigorously reports both then and now Rather because several parents complained that Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) had inappropriate contact with students on during school hours and on school property.

As was the case then and now some nearly twenty years later the media’s support and slight toward gay-choice and LGBT issues maligned three brave Governing Board of Trustees that took the appropriate action to remove a teacher from his teaching duties based upon complaints from parents.

The reports were confirmed and verified by the impacted students that Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) confined  certain students inside a classroom during his transition from a man to woman.

Despite personal appearances on the Oprah Winfrey, morning news shows and several written articles published about these facts involving Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) suspension. 

The misguided media and LGBT community took their intense ire on the three Governing Board of Trustees members that took the appropriate action to suspend Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) as was appropriate.

This action was only taken after an investigation by school officials confirming the student reports of Warfield’s actions that lead to his suspension due solely to his own volition that violated several school board policies. 

The Governing Board of Trustees that voted to suspend Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) after confirming the student’s reports, were subject to similar now very familiar reactions in today’s media and LBGT community of name calling and ridicule that also followed by a failed attempt recall the three Governing Board of Trustees the voted to suspend Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield).

Now Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) is back in the news again this time for killing three people and the media is still twisting facts not realizing this is new day in American, along with new President. 

Many good people who don’t support gay-choice lifestyles are out of the closet at the voting booths and not supporting gay bias liberal media that has one-way view of the America it depends on in support of ad revenues and customer support.

As was the case then and now involving Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield), he made a choice that created his own bed that media and LGBT community expected everyone to lie. 

This was not case then and will never be for those who stand for what is right despite the name calling and insults by the elected officials, media or the gay choice lifestyle LGBT community.

Dr. Ronald E. Hodges
Former Governing Board of Trustees
Center Unified School District